5 Homepage Elements You Need for Your Website

5 important homepage elements

You have less than 10 seconds to make a great first impression on your website… That’s right! Only 10 seconds! This means it’s crucial to have all the vital information on your home page to keep your viewers interested and stay on your site longer.

Everything on your homepage must serve a purpose for your ideal client, otherwise you might be confusing, or worse… your unclear messages might send them off to your competitors. 

So with that said, let’s get your home page ready for your ideal clients!

Here are the things you need to focus on:

Grab attention on your homepage

This can be a headline that identifies your target audience and the problem they want to solve OR the desired outcome your reader wants to achieve. Your headline needs to hook the reader and make them want to keep reading more. It’s important to be extremely clear and not use confusing terms. Don’t focus on using words that you think sound cute or clever. Being clear should be your top priority!

Offer reassurance

Let your potential client know they are in the right spot by introducing your solution and highlighting key pain points. Try to focus on the desired transformation. You can also use pain points, but I’d suggest using the inspirational transformation more than pain points to really reassure the audience they are in the right place.

Show credibility

Include a quick summary of yourself and highlight what makes you unique and relatable (emphasis on “short”! Save the bulk of your introduction for the about page). Here’s your opportunity to introduce who you are and why you’re the expert to help them get the results they want. 

Open an invitation

Briefly introduce your services and let your reader know where to go next. You can use call to actions here such as: Learn more, Contact me, or Book a call. Be super specific on what next action you’d like them to take. Make the process as easy as possible for them to get in contact and take the next step with you. 

Include your photo on your homepage

People need to see what you look like so they can build trust and connection. Choose a photo that goes well with your website branding and don’t be afraid to show some personality! It’s great to have a photo where you are smiling at the camera so that you’re building a connection with your audience. (Learn some helpful tips about how to plan for a brand photoshoot in this post!)

And that’s it! Of course, there are other elements you can add to your homepage but make sure you at least have these ones! Does your homepage need a makeover? Browse my blog for more articles on how to design your website in a way that converts ideal clients or book a call to see how we can work together.

Have any questions about your homepage? Drop them below or send me a message on Instagram!


5 important homepage elements5 important homepage elements

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