5 Simple Ways I Invest in My Health

invest in my health

I recently sent out an email to my community (if you’re not on my list, join here!). And in that email, I talked about the importance of caring for myself outside of my business and why I invest in my health. After all, there’s more to me than my business!

It’s crucial for me to invest in my health because it makes me a better mom, wife, AND business owner. So, here are five simple things that make a great impact on my health.

1. I work on my physical fitness 5-6 days a week.

Working out is something I prioritize and always make time for. I hold myself accountable and make it part of my routine by sticking to a schedule. I have a paid subscription to Obé Fitness* for yoga, barre, and pilates exercises. (They also have videos for cardio, weight lifting, cycling, and more. Use my link and try it for 30 days free*.) 

I recommend Blogilates on YouTube if you’re looking for a free option for similar bodyweight workouts. I also do YouTube workout videos for weight lifting and strength training (the trainer I follow is Caroline Girvan). Sometimes, I go for a walk around the neighborhood when it’s nice outside. 

2. A great way I invest in my health is using a meditation app called Insight Timer to wind down. 

My daily life is very fast-paced and I’m always on the go, so it’s important to learn how to focus and slow down. I also want to emphasize that taking a digital break from screens is also a must for me. We live in a world where we’re constantly “on” all the time and it’s easy to forget to tune out and unplug.

3. I end each day on a positive note by reflecting on my day and writing down the best thing that happened that day in a journal.

This helps me go to bed with my cup filled and have an attitude of gratitude.

4. As a family, we also talk about our favorite thing about our day right before tucking our kids in bed.

This is part of their bedtime routine and they always get excited to share their favorite thing everyday. I want to teach my kids that we can have bad days, but there is always something positive out of each day if you shift your perspective.

5. I used to be a night owl. Now, I prioritize getting enough sleep so I can be more present for myself and my family.

It may sound cliché but getting enough sleep and rest is important for your mind and body. I love waking up feeling recharged and ready to start my day when I am well rested!

Now that I have shared some ways I invest in my health, I’d love to learn more about what you do to take care of yourself. How do you invest in your health and how does it impact other areas of your life? Remember, it doesn’t need to be huge. The most simple habits make the biggest difference!

Comment below or send me a message on Instagram about how you invest in your health!

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invest in my healthinvest in my health

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