5 Tips to Organize Your Business Blog

5 Tips to Organize Your Business Blog

Having a business blog is such a great way to drive more traffic to your site and show off your expertise! If you want to start one but don’t know where to start, you’re at the right place. Today I am going to share 5 tips I practice to organize my blog and how you can be confident in the blog you are creating!

1. Create a content calendar (It’s ok to repurpose or refresh outdated blog posts.)

Instead of coming up with ideas on the fly, create a content calendar that provides organization and cohesiveness to your business blog. This will help you focus on writing content that is truly meaningful and aligns with your overall goals. Maybe you have already put in time coordinating the perfect content for your business on your social media. Why not repurpose that content for your blog? Or you have started a blog but want to refresh it. If the content is helpful and valuable, then your audience will want to see it again. Keeping a digital content calendar is beneficial but I also like using this paper planner* too.

2. Write your posts ahead of time.

It is so important to write your posts ahead of time to take the stress and pressure out of finding the right words at the moment. This also allows time to make tweaks as needed before posting. When you have the time to flush out ideas, you will be able to think through things providing better content for your audience. 

3. Create graphic templates so people can save the post on Pinterest.

If your content is helpful, then people will want to share it. Having a graphic template included in the blog makes it super easy for them to post on Pinterest. When your business blog is shared on Pinterest, it increases the amount of people who could potentially benefit from your blog and your business. 

4. Edit photos ahead of time.

As I had mentioned about writing your posts ahead of time, when you edit your photos ahead of time it takes the last minute pressure out of it. You will be less likely to miss things or make mistakes if you have adequate time to review your work before posting. (Check out my post about brand photos if you need tips about high quality photos!)

5. Use a blog scheduler.

Scheduling blog posts out ahead of time takes the pressure of coordinating the perfect blog post at a moment’s notice. Simply put, the more you can stay ahead of things the less you will have to scramble to pull together a blog post. A blog scheduler will help you stay ahead of the game and allow you to post consistently. 

Remember, it will take some work to get a system in place, but once you do you will be so thankful for having a business blog process that is streamlined and organized. 

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What questions do you have about organizing your business blog?


5 Tips to Organize Your Business Blog5 Tips to Organize Your Business Blog

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