5 Ways to Improve Your Health and Wellness Website

health and wellness website improvements

It’s no secret… Your health and wellness website is a great tool that can do the heavy lifting and help market your business. 

However, it’s vital to include strategic elements so that your ideal clients can easily take the next step with you.

A well-designed strategic website can make or break your lead generation. Here’s how to make it easier for people to your health and wellness business over your competitors!

Minimize the number of menu links for your health and wellness website

Decision fatigue is REAL. And it can be a real problem if your website visitors experience it. The goal of your menu bar is to simply lead your audience to the next step through simple descriptions and one call to action. 

Can you distill what you do into 2-3 main things and have one call to action (CTA)? If not, get clear on the priority and where you can combine things. For example, you can have a CTA link to “learn more”, a link leading to your services page, and a link leading to a page to learn more about the business and people behind it. 

People value clear messaging. Don’t confuse them and give them too many options!

Have visible Call to Actions

This one may seem like a no-brainer but you won’t believe the number of times I’ve seen unclear and hard-to-find CTAs. 

The best practice is to be super clear on the text and have a button that stands out. No more vague CTAs that make your visitors guess where the link will lead. 

Provide a contact form

Almost every website has a contact page, but some are hidden. On our websites, we need to make things easy for our visitors (sense a theme here?!). To do so, have a place in the menu that leads visitors to your contact page so they can learn more about what you do, ask questions, and inquire about services! Otherwise, how are they supposed to get in contact with you?

This form can be as simple as asking for a name, email address, and comment or more strategic with checkboxes on what they’d like to learn more about, their budget, etc. (To learn more about what you need on your contact page, check out this blog post!)

Include the business hours for your health and wellness practice

Don’t leave people guessing. Include your business hours in a few places on your site. A few ideas are your footer, contact page, and about page. 

Have an email opt-in

This is how you nurture your audience if they’re not quite ready to work with you yet! You can do this in several ways including using a pop up (I don’t suggest this one), banner, or in page opt-in. 

You don’t always have to create a freebie for an email opt-in, but it may help your email list grow and show that you’re an expert in your industry which builds that trust factor. 

If you go the general opt-in route, be sure to describe what they’ll get from subscribing (what content you’ll send their way). 

If you go the freebie route, think of something you can share for free which speaks to your ideal audience and takes them one step closer to working with you. This could be a checklist, worksheet, video tutorial, etc. 

Now, go take a look at your health and wellness website. Are you able to check all these things off your list? If not, let’s make it a priority and feel free to reach out for help!

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health and wellness website improvementshealth and wellness website improvements

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