7 Health and Wellness Blog Post Ideas

health and wellness blog ideas

Is blogging dead? Absolutely not! Or are you having trouble coming up with health and wellness blog post ideas? Good news is that I’m here to help!

The great thing about adding blog posts to your website is that they will drive more traffic to your site and show off your expertise and knowledge (which helps you stand out from your competition! 🙌🏻)⁣

Don’t know what to write about? I’ve got you covered!⁣

Here are just a few things you can write about to kick off your health and wellness blog:

How to choose the right (insert your specialty)⁣

Don’t underestimate your experience and opinion here! You’ve been in the industry long enough to lead people to the right fit for them. You can also emphasize common red flags and what to be on the lookout for. 

Answer your frequently asked questions

What are some common questions you are asked by clients? Compile these questions and answer them in a blog post! You can also answer a single question in a longer blog post if there’s a lot you want to cover on the topic.

Review your favorite books⁣ on your health and wellness blog

Yes, these can be industry specific but don’t need to be! This is a great opportunity for your audience to get to know you better. Who knows, maybe it’ll spark a conversation with a cold lead that turns them into a hot lead or eventual client! 

Bust common myths in your industry⁣

What do you wish everyone knew about your industry that most people get wrong? Bust those myths and stereotypes and show off your knowledge by shedding light on the truth about these topics. 

What it’s like to work with a (your profession)⁣

Once again, you’re the expert here! This can be more general or as specific as working with you on a specific service you’re trying to book more of. Address any common concerns and open up a discussion. Make sure to include a way to contact you if they have further questions or want to talk about working with you specifically (a link out to your contact page would be perfect here. Check out this blog post to learn what you should include on your contact page). 

List of resources in your niche⁣

Where do you lead your current clients for outside resource help? Talk about those! These are seen as trade secrets and can be super helpful to those who are thinking about working with someone in your profession.

Review your favorite podcasts⁣ on your health and wellness blog

Similarly to reviewing your favorite books, reviewing your favorite podcasts will give your audience a more personal experience with you and help build more trust factor. People work with people they think can help them and have trust in. These reviews don’t need to be industry specific but if you have some favorites that are, they’ll help your audience and show your expertise. 

Now I want to know, do you have a health and wellness blog for your business? Don’t forget to save these ideas to write about in the future! 

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health and wellness blog ideashealth and wellness blog ideas

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