The About Page Elements That’ll Book More Clients

about page template for service providers

I know what you’re thinking. Writing your website’s about page is probably one of the hardest things to do.

It may feel strange or uncomfortable to explain how amazing you are but don’t worry- I’m here to help!

The first rule of thumb to remember is that your about page isn’t really just about you. Confused yet? Let me explain. It’s essentially a sales page where you hook your reader and let them know why you’re the right person to work with.

Today I’m walking you through the important elements of an about page that will help you book more clients. I’ll point out what questions you need to ask yourself and what you need to prioritize your focus on. At the end of the day, people buy from people that they trust so it’s crucial to implement that into your copy.

Now make sure you’re ready to take some notes because we’re digging right in!

1. What is your attention grabbing headline? 

Explain what you do or who you serve. Your headline should inspire people to keep reading the rest of your about page. This is not the time to start with “Meet (name)” or a generic “About (name)”. Save your name introduction when leading into your first paragraph. The headline is your opportunity to stand out and keep your audience hooked and curious to read more!

2. What are your ideal client’s pain points? What transformation will you provide them? 

This is where you show that you understand their struggles and offer a solution. You must ensure your reader that they are at the right place. How can you help them get the result they really want and what makes you different? Don’t forget to remind them about their problem, stir up the issue, and emphasize what will happen if they choose not to work with you.

3. List a couple credentials. Why should clients want to work with you?

Notice how I only said “a couple”? So this is when things may get a little tricky. When talking about your accomplishments, make sure you just briefly mention them. This can be done in a short paragraph or quickly listed out at the bottom of your about page. The main thing is to not dwell on too much about your major achievements. And this is exactly what I mean when I say your about page isn’t all about you. Your reader wants to learn more about how your experiences can better serve them!

4. What is it like to work with you? Explain your process and add an emotion. How does your process make the client feel?

This is where you elaborate on how you stand out from your competitors. What exactly do you do and how is your process different? You also want to reiterate the transformation you will provide them. Don’t forget to add an emotion to show how your ideal client will feel after working together.

5. Include 3 to 5 fun facts about yourself to show that you’re human and relatable. 

For some reason, health and wellness professionals have a stereotype about being too serious or professional without having any fun. Now’s the time to bust that myth! You may include a short section in your about page that lists silly facts, likes and dislikes, or your bucket list items. Don’t be afraid to sprinkle some fun into it! Who knows?! A client may want to work with you due to the fact that they have something in common with you!

6. Include Call to Actions.

This can be book a call, email me, schedule an appointment, etc. You need to tell your reader what steps they need to take next to work with you!

7. Last but not least, don’t forget to show your face!

If I had a dollar every time I mentioned how important brand photography was, I’d be rich! Showing your audience who you are will definitely help gain their trust. They want to see you, not generic stock photos. This should go without saying but you should have photos where you’re looking straight at the camera and smiling. I would aim for at least 2 or 3 photos of yourself on your about page. If you’d like to learn more about how to plan for a brand photoshoot, check out this post.

Now that you know all of the important elements of your website’s about page, I can not wait to see what you come up with! For more copywriting tips, I highly recommend reading this book!

If you have questions or anything to add, drop them below!


about page template for service providersabout page template for service providers


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