How to Boost Website Traffic

how to boost website traffic

So you already have a website but you aren’t gaining much traction.

Sounds familiar? Spoiler alert: Your website won’t work for you unless you put in the work! Still confused? Keep reading to learn five helpful tips that’ll help boost website traffic! 

1. Update your website periodically.

Search engines love when you update your website! It shows that your site is fresh and relevant. Updating your website can be as simple as adding a new blog post, swapping out images, or updating your testimonials. If you need help starting or organizing your blog, check out this post for some easy tips that can help get the ball rolling and make sure you are on track. 

2. Use SEO keywords and YoastSEO plugin.

We all know how saturated the internet is and it’s so important to include search engine optimization keywords or phrases if you want to be discovered. Yoast SEO plugin is a great tool to assist with your SEO needs and will give recommendations on how to improve your website pages and blog posts. You have to remember that SEO strategies will not produce results overnight. It’s a slow and steady process but it’s definitely worth investing some time into it if your goal is to boost website traffic and appear on search engine results.

3. Promote it on social media.

Another source that is huge with potential clients is strategically using the power of social media. Don’t be afraid to promote yourself on platforms such as Facebook and Instagram (or whichever platform your dream clients are hanging out at). However, the key is to be social and give your followers a reason to visit your website. This means you can create valuable content on your blog for your ideal clients or direct them to a lead magnet that solves a problem for them. You can’t expect to boost website traffic if you don’t let people know why it’s beneficial for them to visit in the first place.

4. Have high-quality images.

Having professional images is an absolute must! Not only do they make you stand out but they also display your professionalism and help you build strong relationships. Be sure to check out this post to learn more information about brand photography and how to have a successful photoshoot. 

5. Pay attention to your site analytics.

Google Analytics is a great tool that includes valuable data about your website visitors. One of the wonderful features is being able to see what kind of content your viewers resonate with most. For example, if you are getting lots of visits to your services page but not many conversions, you may need to make adjustments to your design or copy. (Check out this guide for high conversion tips!) On the other hand, if you are getting lots of traction on specific blog posts, you may want to create more related posts or repurpose it. 

Which tip will you start implementing to boost website traffic today?


how to boost website traffichow to boost website traffic

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