mental health matters

Mental Health Matters: 5 Reasons Why I Unplug

In this increasingly busy world, I’ve found that unplugging and being intentional with my mental health has a drastic impact on my day-to-day. One main thing I’ve incorporated is yoga and pilates. Here are 5 reasons I’ve added them to

invest in my health

5 Simple Ways I Invest in My Health

I recently sent out an email to my community (if you’re not on my list, join here!). And in that email, I talked about the importance of caring for myself outside of my business and why I invest in my

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5 Must-Have WordPress Plugins

WordPress is undoubtedly a powerful website platform, but did you know that there are some amazing WordPress plugins that can enhance its functionality even further? 

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how to grow your business

7 Ways to Grow Your Business

I’ve learned that building a successful business is a journey of learning, adaptation, and personal growth. Along my path, I made several key changes that

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