benefits of a responsive website design

The Benefits of a Responsive Website

There’s a lot of talk about responsive website design and I’m going to be really honest with you… If a website is too difficult to view on my mobile device, I will most likely exit out of it.⁣⁣ Will I

above the fold website strategy

The Above the Fold Website Strategy

So what exactly does “above the fold” mean? Well, if you’re new to the world of website design, here’s a quick definition of “above the fold” before we dive into more details in this post: When it comes to websites,

contact page tips

Contact Page Do’s and Don’ts

What’s a major way to lose potential clients that are visiting your website?⁣ It’s when you don’t have all of the important information you need on the contact page of your website. The contact page often gets overlooked but it’s

vip design experience

VIP Design Experience: Behind the Scenes

Have you ever wondered what a typical web design VIP Design Experience day looks like? Well, today is your lucky day because I’m taking you behind the scenes. A typical day together is 6 hours long and I dedicate it

sales page design mistakes

7 Common Sales Page Design Mistakes

You’ve created your sales page but still aren’t attracting new clients… sound familiar? Let’s troubleshoot and get your sales page converting! Here are 7 common sales page design mistakes and how to fix them. 1) Long loading time. In this

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prioritize this over SEO

Prioritize THIS Over SEO

You need to stop stressing so much about your website SEO. No, seriously! I’ve met so many business owners who are spending all their time

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