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contact page tips

What’s a major way to lose potential clients that are visiting your website?⁣ It’s when you don’t have all of the important information you need on the contact page of your website.

The contact page often gets overlooked but it’s vital you make it as easy as possible for people to reach out to you.⁣ We’re talking really easy here! Your potential clients shouldn’t have to struggle to figure out how to get in touch with you. Just lay it all out and make it as clear as possible.

Here’s a quick rundown of what you actually need on your website’s contact page: 

Your email address is clearly visible on your contact page.

⁣Email is one of the top methods of communication with your potential clients so this is extremely vital. Be sure your email address is written out and easy to find so that reaching out to you is a breeze.

Your phone number and address are provided.

If you are running a private practice clinic, this one’s for you! Once again, we want to make things simple. Clients need to be able to physically locate your clinic and have access to your phone number if they need to call your office.

There is a contact form.

Let’s keep this short and simple. Do you sense a theme here? Humans have short attention spans… we’re talking less than a few seconds so keeping things easy to find is the best way to turn a cold lead into one that’s hot. Besides, what’s a contact page without an actual form that’s convenient to fill out? Just gather the necessary information you’d need to easily follow up with them. This may include their name, email address, phone number, and brief message.

You acknowledge how long it’ll take for you to respond⁣.

Don’t leave people guessing when they’ll actually hear back from you. Giving them expectations upfront poses you as a professional who values their time. Having a 24 to 48 business hour response time is most reasonable.

Your business hours⁣ are listed on your contact page.

Once again, let’s not leave clients guessing. Who wants to waste time calling when you’re met with a “Sorry, we’re not in the office right now” automated message? Not your potential clients!

Frequently asked questions⁣ are addressed.

Take note of questions you get asked often from your past and current clients as well as your leads. I love using the accordion option here so visitors can pick and choose questions that are applicable to them. 

Now take a moment to look at your contact page to see if you included all of these things. If it needs to be updated, set some time aside this week to knock it out. All it takes is a few small changes to make a big difference!

Want to see an example of a simple contact page that contains vital information? Take a look at this one if you need some inspiration!

What questions do you have about your contact page? Drop them below or send me a direct message on Instagram to continue the conversation!


contact page tipscontact page tips

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