Eliminate the Word “Hustle” From Your Business

The one word you need to eliminate from your business

After a few months into my business, I decided to remove one word from my vocabulary: Hustle

Yes, you can place your own limitations when it comes to how hard you work but it seems like the idea of working all day everyday has been ingrained in our culture, especially in the U.S. To me, “hustling” can lead to burnout, and believe me I know that feeling all too well. The “hustle all day everyday” lifestyle just isn’t for me. Sometimes I just need to hit pause and do me.

I truly believe in utilizing my time efficiently so I can be more present with my family and have enough time to enjoy other things in life. 

Here are some tips to spend a little more time on YOU:

  • Turn off notifications and only check or respond to emails during designated times (Put your phone out of sight if you have to!)
  • Do something you enjoy outside of work
  • Focus on your wellness: 
    • Go for a walk around your neighborhood or local park
    • Try a new recipe (Some of my favorite cook books are Whole New You*, Cravings*, and Well Plated*) 
    • Practice breathing or meditating before going to bed (I like the Insight Timer app)
  • Tackle some non-work related items on your to-do list: 
    • Reorganize a part of your house
    • Clean out your closet
  • Try a new activity:
    • Do something crafty
    • Learn how to play a new game or sport
    • Take a class to gain new skills

It’s ok to take time off and recharge because you can’t run on an empty battery. Giving yourself a break allows you time to rejuvenate and bring more clarity into your life. I have noticed that giving myself time off refreshes my mind and allows me to be more creative when designing projects. 

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What do you like to do for fun outside of work? Comment below or send me a message on Instagram!


The one word you need to eliminate from your businessThe one word you need to eliminate from your business

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