Health and Wellness Website Mistakes to Avoid

health and wellness website mistakes

While browsing through several sites, I have discovered the same health and wellness website mistakes over and over again. I get it, you’re busy running your business. You don’t have time to learn the ins and outs of putting a website together because you have patients and clients to serve!

Luckily, I listed out the top 5 common health and wellness website mistakes so you can easily fix these mishaps.

1. Too much information is crammed on the home page.

This often includes an explanation of services, bios, reviews, location maps, and more. It’s crucial to keep your website skimmable. This means viewers can quickly scan through and find all the important information they need without having to scroll through endlessly. Too much clutter can be overwhelming and will most likely make your viewer leave. Not to mention that it may significantly slow down your site!

2. Long bios and over explaining credentials.

Now this is a health and wellness website mistake I see too often. I know your education and certifications are things you are extremely proud of. After all, you’ve worked so hard for those accomplishments. However, confusing jargon and acronyms will only make your readers feel lost. Use words and language that can be easily understood by potential clients– not just by your professional peers. By using the same words as your clients, you are gaining trust and connection. In a nutshell, make your bio a brief introduction about yourself and explain how your experience makes you qualified to be a trusted expert in your field.

health and wellness website mistakes

3. Lack of brand photography.

You’re in the business of building trust and relationships. Personal brand photography is a way to market yourself and display professionalism. This is not the time to overuse stock photos or pictures that you quickly snapped on your phone. 

Can you take your own photos if you’re on a tight budget? Absolutely! But it’s important to have great lighting. I personally use this ring light* when I take my own photos or videos. (I recommend this light* and a light reflector* if you’re working in a bigger space.) High quality brand photos will put a face to your name and it’ll help people remember you. To learn how to plan a successful brand photoshoot, check out this post. (You’ll also learn tips on how to find the perfect brand photographer!)

4. Overwhelming menu options.

I can’t help but bring up how exhausting it is to browse through the Cheesecake Factory menu! The same thing goes if your website’s main navigation menu is loaded with several links or sub links. As a health and wellness provider, it may be possible for you to offer several services. However, you don’t need a separate page for every single service, nor do you need to list them all out. People don’t like to click around hunting for information. 

As a rule of thumb, you should have no more than 7 main navigation links and a limit of 1-2 service pages where you briefly introduce your offers. If your reader wants more information about a specific service, they will reach out to you.

5. Inconsistent visual branding.

This may include inconsistent font styles or fonts that are hard to read, multiple sliding or moving images, and overall lack of design flow. Not only do you want your website to be easy to navigate, you also want it to be easy to read and scan through. Inconsistent visuals show a lack of clarity and brand messaging. It will confuse your visitors and make them question if they are at the right place. Check out this post to learn more about visual branding and mood boards.

*This is an affiliate link and I may earn a small commission if you make a purchase through this link.

Now that you’ve learned the top common health and wellness website mistakes, it’s time to do a quick site audit to make sure you don’t run into any of these mishaps! Let me know if there are any tips you’d like to add!


health and wellness website mistakeshealth and wellness website mistakes

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