Mental Health Matters: 5 Reasons Why I Unplug

mental health matters

In this increasingly busy world, I’ve found that unplugging and being intentional with my mental health has a drastic impact on my day-to-day.

One main thing I’ve incorporated is yoga and pilates. Here are 5 reasons I’ve added them to my routine! (I subscribe to  these workouts through Obe Fitness – these live, on-demand classes bring energy and fun back into my exercise! Sign up for a free 30 day trial and check it out for yourself!)

It boosts my mood.

I always feel refreshed after a workout session! It may seem counterintuitive, but it’s true!

Biologically speaking, exercise increases the production of serotonin which is a feel-good chemical (endorphin) that uplifts my mood. My increased heart rate also triggers norepinephrine, a chemical that helps me deal with stress more efficiently. 

The daily habit of exercising also contributes to my mood and mental health. When you have a routine and complete it daily, there’s a high sense of satisfaction! #science

It boosts my brain power and makes me feel more present in the moment.

Working out helps bring me more clarity, memory, and focus. There’s a lot of science here as well, but it comes down to the brain’s blood flow (better flow = higher function!)

I let go of distractions and anything that will blur my focus. I find myself laser-focused on the task at hand which brings me to the present instead of worrying about things going on that week, business tasks, etc. 

It helps relieve stress.

Studies have shown that people who exercise at least two to three times a week are happier, less stressed, and less angry. Sign me up if these things will boost my mental health!

Sometimes I just need a good yoga or pilates session to get my mind off things that have been bothering me or creating roadblocks in my life or business.

It increases my strength and mental health.

My body gets stronger as I flow through different poses and exercises. Not only do I gain physical strength, but it also makes me feel mentally stronger as well.

This carries over into every aspect of my life. I am a better mom, business owner, wife, and friend when I keep up the habit of exercise. (Check out this post to learn more about how I juggle life as a mom and business owner.)

I keep up with the mental, emotional, and physical demands of this stage of life with this gained strength. 

I get to do things I enjoy outside of business.

As an entrepreneur, it’s easy to think of my business all the time and not be able to “turn it off”. 

Exercising helps me take my mind off my to-do list! 

I think everyone needs something outside of their business to fill up their cup and help them unplug. Exercise is what I use and have come to love. 

What are you doing to prioritize your mental health? 


mental health mattersmental health matters

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