7 Common Sales Page Design Mistakes

sales page design mistakes

You’ve created your sales page but still aren’t attracting new clients… sound familiar? Let’s troubleshoot and get your sales page converting! Here are 7 common sales page design mistakes and how to fix them.

1) Long loading time.

In this day and age, people have very short attention spans. We’re talking just 8 seconds. This means long loading times will have people leaving your sales page before they can even see your content. 

Here are a few ideas to speed up your sales page:

  • Choose a quality web host*
  • Install a WordPress caching plugin
  • Regularly run performance tests

2) Harsh or clashing colors that distract the eye.

You don’t want to strain to read a web page and neither do your sales page visitors. The idea with a sales page is to easily lead the viewer’s eyes to the important information until they reach the point of sale (which are “called to action”). Keep basic design principles in mind as you create your sales page. Your visitors will appreciate it and stick around on the page longer. 

3) Fonts that are hard to read.

Just like #2, fonts that are hard to read are an automatic “let’s leave this page…” for your viewer. Stick with easy to read fonts. 

4) Too much clutter and lack of design flow.

Nothing makes a reader leave quicker than being overwhelmed. And the easiest way to overwhelm them is to confuse them with clutter and lack of flow. They’ll find themselves asking, “What is this business trying to tell me?” or “How is this the answer that the previous page described?”. Keep things simple and only add information and media when necessary. Have each section easily lead your viewers down the page. 

5) No professional photos or too many stock photos.

No professional photos (of you or your business) is a quick way to make your visitors question your authority. Invest in some professional photos and go easy on stock photos. 

To learn more about why you need professional branding photos and how to plan for them, check out this blog post!

6) Call to Action buttons are difficult to find.

How is your audience supposed to know what to do next if you don’t call them to action? You have to tell them exactly what you want them to do. Want them to check out your blog post? Tell them! Want them to schedule a free call with you? Tell them and link to your contact or scheduling form. Tell them the exact next steps you’re looking for. To be clear is to be kind. 

7) Page isn’t mobile-optimized.

Let’s be real… most people who visit your site are probably scrolling on their phone. Don’t forget to optimize for mobile. 

You have to remember that your sales page is more than just aesthetically pleasing. You have to be very clear and specific about what problem you are solving and what transformation you provide. Check out this blog post to learn the absolute must-haves for your website!

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What questions do you have about sales pages? Drop them below!


sales page design mistakessales page design mistakes

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