7 Things Your Service Provider Website Must Have

7 things your service provider website needs

Is your service provider website representing you and your business in the best way possible? In order to stand out from your competition, you must make sure all of the valuable information is easy for your readers to find and understand.

Not sure if your site will pass the test? Let’s do a run through to ensure your service provider website is a big success!

1. Be clear about what kind of service you provide in your tagline. 

It’s very important to be clear, not cute. This is not the time to have a fun play on words when it may possibly lead to confusion. A quick one liner that states your title or what you do will work significantly better than a cute tagline. (This book* is a must-read if you want to learn more about clarifying your message.)

2. Emphasize who your services are for.

If you serve a particular client base, this is where you need to be crystal clear. Instead of saying “moms”, you can say “breastfeeding moms” or “moms of school-aged children”. The more specific you are, the better you’ll be able to connect with your ideal clients and let them know whether they’re at the right (or wrong) place.

3. Be clear on what transformation your clients will get.

Talk about your unique client experience and what they can expect after working with you. What makes you different and how will you make them feel? Adding an emotion to your service provider website will show that you are someone who understands their pain points and struggles, and they are more likely to choose you over your competitors.

4. Add a blog to share free knowledge that serves your target audience.

Despite popular belief, blogging is not dead! It’s actually one of the greatest ways to show off your expertise! This is where you can answer frequently asked questions or repurpose your social media content. Check out this post to learn how to start and organize your blog. You can also read this post to learn how blogging can help gain traction to your site (along with other ways to boost traffic to your service provider website!)

5. Show authority and empathy in your story.

Explain why you’re qualified for the service you provide and emphasize that you understand your client’s pain points. This ties back to tip #4 where you walk through how you stand out and what unique transformation you provide. Although listing your credentials are important, you must not over explain your credentials because most clients don’t know the difference between them. At the end of the day, your service provider website should not focus not too much on you, but rather about what you can do for your clients.

6. Show your face and have professional brand photos.

As a service provider, it is so crucial to show who you are in order to build a know, like, and trust factor. This is especially important when you expect your client to open up and be vulnerable with you. Check out this post to learn how to plan for a successful brand photoshoot.

7. Incorporate call to actions and tell your viewer what to do next to start working with you.

Some examples may be to book a call or fill out a contact form. Make it easy for your reader to know what the next steps are to work with you. If your client completes a form, let them know when they should expect to hear back from (i.e. within 24 business hours.) This way, you won’t leave them guessing and they’ll know when they will get a response.

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7 things your service provider website needs7 things your service provider website needs

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