Stop Using Link In Bio Tools and Do This Instead

why link in bio tools are hurting your business

Do you have a website and still use link in bio sites like Linktree or Milkshake?

Excuse me while I pick my jaw off the floor if your answer is yes!

Ok, all jokes aside… sites like Linktree may seem convenient but they’re actually doing you a huge disservice because you’re driving traffic away from your website!

Here are some reasons why creating your own custom links page on your website is better!

You can customize it with your branding and aesthetics 

What better way to solidify your brand feel with your audience than sending them to a links page that looks like it belongs to your business, and not a third-party site? I’d feel disconnected from their brand at that point.

Branding is important! Your brand colors, fonts, logo, and elements are vital pieces of your brand and your potential client’s experience of your brand. 

It’s better for your website SEO instead of giving traffic to a link in bio tool (Say hello to better page rankings!)

Less traffic = fewer eyes on your content to improve your SEO. 

I don’t mean to sound crucial… but what’s the point of having a website if you don’t want to drive people to it? 

A majority of the time, third-party link in bio tools are used in social media bios. Did you know that a big portion of web traffic is coming from social media (dependent on your individual business, of course)? When you’re promoting things with content on those platforms, you NEED to direct them to your site, not a third party in order to improve SEO. 

You can view your website analytics in one place

You’ll miss out on important traffic analytics if you send your users to a third-party link site! You’ll also miss out on pixel data if you run ads. 

Google Analytics is a great tool that includes valuable data about your website visitors. One of the wonderful features is being able to see what kind of content your viewers resonate with most. For example, if you are getting lots of visits to your services page but not many conversions, you may need to make adjustments to your design or copy. 

Unfortunately, Google Analytics can’t do its job if you’re linking everything out to a third party.

The bottom line about link in bio tools:

Since you’re already paying for your website, you don’t want to give traffic away to another platform. 

Luckily, a links page is an added bonus that is included when you hire me to design your website!

If you’re still using a third-party link in bio too, it’s time to step up to a custom links page on your site! Need to see an example of a custom links page? Check out the one I created here.

What questions do you have about creating your own link in bio page? Drop them below or send me a direct message on Instagram!


why link in bio tools are hurting your businesswhy link in bio tools are hurting your business

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