Strategic Ways to Grow Your Email List

how to grow your email list

There are quite a few underestimated ways to grow your email list. However, one of the most simple ways is by having a strategic opt-in placement.

Having a goal to grow your email list should be at the top of your marketing efforts because it’s the BEST way to build a relationship with potential clients and customers in a personal and intimate way. 

If I still haven’t convinced you to start and grow your email list yet, here are some reasons email is an extremely powerful communication channel for your business:

It’s purposeful: Everyone who lands on your list was interested in what you have to offer, making them warm leads. 

It’s targeted: These people have shown interest in your service or product. Depending on your opt-ins, you can tell what they are most interested in and segment relevant emails to get better results. 

People are more active on email than social media: You’ve heard stats for how many people are on social media every day but did you know that every internet user has an email address? And they are active users – we’re talking daily check-ins! You’re more likely to stand out when you are in their inbox versus occasionally appearing in their social media feed- and that’s only if the algorithm is being nice! 😉

Now you know why you should have an email list so let’s jump into how to actually GROW your email list! 

Aside from having a super relevant lead magnet, knowing where to put your opt-in form makes a huge difference! 

One place you should never place your opt-in form is on your sales page.

The main point of your sales page is to sell your offer. You don’t want any other distraction, such as an email opt-in or external links that are unrelated to what you’re selling or will make people leave your site. 

Here are some better placement options: 

1. The bottom of your home page or resources page is valuable real estate that’ll help grow your email list. 

Your opt-in form section should stand out but don’t let it take attention away from other important parts of your page. 

2. Your Instagram links page. 

Place a button on your links page and invite people to snag a freebie and join your email community.

3. Have a small pop-up on your home page. 

Ok, I am biting my nails as I say this because I’m not the biggest fan of pop-ups…however, if you must have one, I suggest having it on your home page and making sure it only pops up once and is easy for people to click out of if they’re not interested. 

And those are three places you can place an opt-in to grow your email list!

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Do you have an email list? If so, where is your opt-in page located? Let me know below or send me a direct message me on LinkedIn or Instagram with any questions!


how to grow your email listhow to grow your email list

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