how to prioritize website accessibility for visual disabilities

Website Accessibility for Visual Disabilities

Are you making sure your site provides website accessibility for all viewers? This also includes those with visual disabilities. If not, you could be missing out on potential clients who find it difficult or impossible to navigate through your site.

best practices for a lead capture form

Best Practices for a Lead Capture Form

Do you know how to use lead capture forms when you are struggling to increase conversions on your website?  I have a secret to share with you: the type of form you use can make a huge difference. The technique

how a website heat map can improve your website

What is a Website Heat Map?

A website heat map may be foreign to you so today’s post is definitely a good one to save! Have you ever thought about how website owners know what their visitors are doing on their site? Do they just watch

benefits of a responsive website design

The Benefits of a Responsive Website

There’s a lot of talk about responsive website design and I’m going to be really honest with you… If a website is too difficult to view on my mobile device, I will most likely exit out of it.⁣⁣ Will I

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