The Above the Fold Website Strategy

above the fold website strategy

So what exactly does “above the fold” mean? Well, if you’re new to the world of website design, here’s a quick definition of “above the fold” before we dive into more details in this post:

When it comes to websites, above the fold refers to the content your viewers see before they start scrolling down. The phrase comes from the good old days of newspapers (remember those?!). 

Now let’s take a moment and think about this.

8 seconds.

That’s how long an average person’s attention span is these days. You only have 8 seconds to catch your audiences’ attention and keep them interested in scrolling through your web page to learn more about you. This is when the above the fold strategy comes into play.

This first impression is critical to your website’s success. Here are some key points on how to optimize this prime real estate area of your site:

Have a super clear tagline and relevant images above the fold

Make sure your tagline is clear, concise, and presented in an easy-to-read font. (Avoid fancy scripts or anything that’s not easily legible.) Let your audience know what you do, who you serve, and the transformation you provide… and try to keep it brief and short. Just cut out the jargon and get straight to the point. If you add images, keep them to a minimum and make sure they’re not distracting and have a purpose. 

Call your audience to action 

Add a call to action button above the fold. This is perfect because it lets people know exactly how they can work with you and what step they need to take to jump right into action. A button color that has a contrast against the website background works best for CTAs. Also, keep your message as clear and direct as possible. Some examples are: Learn more, contact me, get started, etc.

Remember, there’s a delicate balance between just enough information and too much information overload! It’s vital to have a simple menu that doesn’t include too many options or sub links. That just makes it way too overwhelming for your visitors! This is when it’s good to remember that less is more.

Don’t forget to optimize for mobile when using the above the fold strategy

The spacing is much different on mobile vs desktop so be sure to optimize both. This may require simplifying the mobile version to make sure your information can be presented clearly on a smaller screen.

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Not sure if your site is optimized “above the fold”? Schedule a complimentary call with me and we can chat in more details about your specific business and website needs. 

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above the fold website strategyabove the fold website strategy

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