Top Ways to Attract More Leads Through Your Website

Top ways to attract more leads through your website

We all know that a website can increase profits, but did you know that it can also possibly decrease your sales? A poorly designed website can actually repel potential clients and lead them straight to your competitors! Keep reading if you want to learn how to attract more leads through your website!

Spoiler alert: A pretty website won’t grow your business or attract leads.

It’s important to incorporate strategy and simplicity in your site. Today I want to share with you several tips that will help your website create a positive user experience and attract more leads.  

Tip #1: Eliminate clutter from your navigation menu.

Try to only focus on your core pages and limit the number of links in your navigation menu to seven links. You may add sub links if needed but you should have a limit for them too. The main goal is to make sure your viewers have a great user experience.

Tip #2: Say cheese and smile for the camera! 

Posting photos of yourself on your website is so important because people want to know who they’re buying from! 

Having personal photos will help you:

  • Connect with your ideal clients
  • Represent yourself and your business in a professional way
  • Put a face behind your brand

PRO TIP: Invest in brand photography but also mix in some candid photos from your phone too! My favorite free photo editing apps are Lightroom and ColorStory because they help make your photos look professional in seconds! Remember, people buy from people so having quality photos of yourself is an important asset that will help attract more leads!

Tip #3: Your website copy needs to be clear and easy to understand. 

Most people have a short attention span and are not going to take the time to dig around your website to figure out what you’re selling. Your audience needs to be able to tell what you do in 10 seconds or less. (I always refer to Building a StoryBrand* for copywriting tips!) Make sure your readers can look at your website and easily answer these two questions:

  • What do you do?
  • Who do you serve?
  • What problem do you solve?
  • What transformation do you give?

Tip #4: Have a simple, clean website. 

A lot of times people get caught up in the fancy features that distract their audience. Refrain from using harsh or extremely bright colors. Flying headlines, swirly animated images, and email pop-ups are too busy and will also slow down your site loading speed.

Tip #5: Have a clear Call to Action (CTA). 

I personally recommend adding a few CTA buttons on every page of your website so that your audience doesn’t have to scroll and search for ways to contact you. 

Some examples of Call To Actions are:

  • Book a Call
  • Schedule an Appointment
  • Sign up for my Email List

It is so important to have key CTA buttons because viewers need to know exactly what to do to take the next step with you.

Tip #6: Want to attract leads? Remember, less is more when it comes to your website copy. 

People are not going to take the time to absorb every word on your site and would rather skim and scan through it. The harder your website is to read, the faster your potential clients will move onto the next site. 

To make your website easy to read, you should incorporate:

  • Headlines
  • Small paragraphs
  • Bullet points

Tip #7: Make your website mobile friendly. 

Most potential clients are viewing your website from their smartphones so having a mobile-friendly design is a must!

Your website is a 24 hour storefront that should sell for you around the clock. Having a strategically designed website is a powerful tool that will grow your brand and attract more leads!

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If you’d like some more helpful website tips, make sure you sign up for my free guide where I go over 10 tips for a higher converting website!


Top ways to attract more leads through your websiteTop ways to attract more leads through your website

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