Why You Need a Mood Board For Your Brand and How to Get Started

How to create your mood board

You’ve crafted the idea for your new business and maybe even dreamt up some logo ideas when someone mentions the term “mood board” and suddenly you’re stuck. Today we’re going to dive in and cover what a mood board is, why you need one, and what it represents.

First of all, what is a mood board? 

Simply put, it’s an arrangement of photos, colors, texts, and anything else that you want to use to project the feel and style of your brand!

Choosing your brand colors is more than just picking out your favorite colors or colors that might go together, it’s a statement about what you want you and your brand to represent. It should reflect your personality, make you stand out among others, and ultimately draw people in through a once in a lifetime experience and journey. You’re bringing the value and content in your business to back up all the work your mood board will do for you as you determine the style and feel of your brand.

When you begin to develop your mood board, first think of how you want people to feel when they come across your brand and website. Calm? Excited? Inspired? Whatever feelings you’re hoping to convey, focus on pulling colors and images that promote those feelings. 

Next, think about what you and your ideal clients have in common. 

When creating a mood board, think of this in broad terms. What can you include in your images that establish a connection to your next potential client? 

Every time I sign on a new client, I always create a relationship by finding something we both have in common. A lot of the time this connection begins from my brand. There are thousands of other people they could’ve chosen, but they chose me! Creating a brand that is authentic, clear, and concise is a must for success!

As you begin to develop your brand and mood board, ask yourself these three questions: 

  1. How do I want people to feel when they see my brand?
  2. What is the message I am trying to convey with my colors, images, and copy? 
  3. What is something I have in common with my ideal clients to establish a connection?

There you have it! Follow this simple starter guide to developing your mood board (you can find free templates on Canva!) and establishing your brand so that you can attract people to your business and confidently create a lasting impression. 

What questions do you have about creating your mood board? Drop them below or send me a message on Instagram!


How to create your mood boardHow to create your mood board

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