Working at Home: 7 High Productivity Tips

7 high productivity tips for working at home

Although working at home can increase work-life balance, it can be problematic if your time and focus aren’t well-managed. Today I’m going over 7 high productivity tips for working at home. Let’s get started!

1. Fuel your body.

It may be obvious that proper nutrition will help get you through the day while working at home. A balanced diet works best to keep your body and mind active and alert, but whatever you do, don’t start your day on an empty stomach! If you have watched my Instagram stories, then you probably know that I don’t ever skip my coffee and oat milk*. However, it’s important to have healthy snacks on hand and don’t forget to hydrate throughout the day! I recommend this Contigo water bottle* because it auto-seals (so you don’t have to worry about leaks or spills!) and it keeps your water cold for up to 28 hours. I also keep snack bars* nearby, especially when I’m working on a VIP Design Experience.

2. Get dressed.

One of the perks of working at home is that you can remain in your pajamas all day. But when you’re working from home for an extended period of time, the pajamas can start to affect your mindset. Try mixing it up with some business casual clothes once in a while. That’s not to say that you should wear anything stuffy or uncomfortable. Make yourself presentable and see what a difference it makes to keep you focused and highly productive. If you’ll be doing video calls, check out this post for tips to look camera-ready!

3. Create a designated workspace that’s not your couch or bed. 

Beds and couches are spots for relaxation and unwinding. While it might be comfortable for a short time, you’ll soon find yourself maybe getting a little too comfy. Besides, our mindset can affect our settings, just as they can be affected by our clothes. Create a space that is specifically for business and will help you shift into work mode while working at home. Having your space set up so that it works well for your body posture is also key. I use this ergonomic chair* to support my back and posture. As someone who has had back pain for years, it has been one of the greatest investments for my home office.

4. Turn off phone notifications.

Out of sight, out of mind. You don’t need any distractions, and while you might need to keep your phone handy in case of emergencies, you don’t need to end up in a full text conversation with your best friend in the middle of the workday. Phones are detrimental to productivity, so do all you can to avoid their allure. If it helps, set it to “do not disturb” to prevent any distractions.

5. Take breaks.

Rest your mind and take some time to reset! Even better, consider going for a walk and getting some fresh air. I always use my FitBit* to track my steps and I like how it occasionally reminds me to get up and move when I’ve been sitting for too long. We all know that it’s much easier to jump back into our work after we’ve had a little time away to refocus.

6. Time block and track how you use your time.

The best way to stay on track with your tasks is to time block your schedule. This way, you’ll know exactly what you should be doing and how long it should take. It’s much easier to stay focused when you know precisely which area you should be focused on and how long it should remain your focus. An added bonus is that if you find yourself ahead of schedule, you can give yourself a longer break to reward your productivity! You can time block your tasks on a digital calendar or use a paper planner like this one*.

7. Check off items from your to-do list so you see what you’ve accomplished.

The visceral experience of checking tasks off a to-do list is one that is universally rewarding. There’s nothing like the satisfaction of completing your day with an empty list of to-dos. Sit back and enjoy the sense of accomplishment from having tackled another day at the home office. 

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What productivity tips can you add for working at home?


7 high productivity tips for working at home7 high productivity tips for working at home

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